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Magisk Manager has become one of the most well known Android Root solutions among Android users in the recent past. As we know Android Root is the best enhancement that you can do to your default Android. In the past few years, more than 3 million Android users have rooted their Android devices with the help of this Amazing Root tool Magisk Manager. One of the major reason why people love to use Magisk Manager is the multifunction system. Android Root is only a single part of Magisk Manager and there are the number of different tools which allow users to enhance the default Android Root such as hide the Root. So if you interested in this amazing tool, feel free to read more and you can also Download Magisk Manager from our download Page easily.

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Everything You need to know About Android Root

If you are an Android user for a long time, then you might already familiar with this word Root. Anyhow Android Root is a process which allows users to obtain some privileges(root access) in Android to customize the device system at certain levels. Even Tho it sounds complicated when it comes to practical version it won't be that hard for you. With the developments of new Root Tools today we can Root almost any version of Android with a single tap on a button as well. Back in the day, Android Root was named as an illegal system change, but in the past few years Android Root has become 100% legal all around the globe and today there are thousands of professional developers who develop various types of tool and methods to Root Android safely.

Magisk Manager the First Systemless Root Tool

As we mentioned above, there are so many tools and methods that you can use to Root different versions of Android easily. Magisk Manager is also one of the latest tool which was developed by "topjohnwu" senior android developer of XDA developers. According to XDA team, Magisk Manager is the first universal systemless interface to enhance your Android with a Magisk Mask. In simple Magisk Manager is the best Android Root tool in these days and android root communities all around the world already started to searching for the amazing features of this tool as well. As we all know most of the Android Root tools offer only the rooting experience for you. But when it comes to Magisk Manager it has taken the traditional Android Root to a whole new level by adding breathtaking new features to enhance your Rooted device.

Magisk Manager Latest New Features

Top 10 Reasons Why You must use Magisk Manager to Root your Android

If you willing to Root your Android with the help of Magisk Manager, you must know there are so many advantages for you. Here are some of the main good outcomes of Magisk Manager.

  • Magisk Manager is 100% free and open source Android root tool. You can download and use all those tools without spending a single cent.
  • It is very light file and you can download Magisk within few seconds and with the help of the simple user interface, anyone can use this amazing tool without having further guidance as well.
  • You can enhance your default Android features without using a PC easily.
  • Magisk Manager is also the first Systemless Rooting solution and this is the main reason you must download it on your device.
  • With the help of Magisk Manager, you can block the Ads which pop up when you using internet on your device.
  • Once you complete the Root with Magisk, you can download thousands of more Apps which supports only with Rooted devices from your Google Play Store.
  • You can also download unsupported Apps for Rooted devices with the help of MagiskHide feature.
  • You can also use MagiskHide to bypass Google security barriers when you surfing the internet in your rooted device easily.
  • Magisk also includes uninstaller and if you willing to remove magisk you can completely remove it from your device with a simple tap.
  • Magisk also allows you to use some certain important things which you can’t use a normal rooted device. Ex. Android Pay, Banking/financial Apps, Snapchat, Pokemon Go game etc.
App Information
Compatible with Android OS
Language: English
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Downloads: 14,808
Version: 5.7.0 - from 04/29/2018
Sale price: Free
Manufacturer: Topjohnwu
File size: 1.89 MB
Category: Android App

Magisk Manager Compatible Android Versions

You can use Magisk Manager in almost every type of an Android running device and according to developers, these are the supported Android versions for Magisk Manager.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Update on Any Device

Download & Install Magisk Manager

As we mentioned above, Magisk Manager is a 100% free Android root tool. So there are so many ways to download Magisk manager for free and you can download Magisk for free by simply searching in your web browser. You can also Download Magisk Manager from our download page easily. Once you download the Magisk Zip file follow the given instructions to install Magisk and Root your Android easily.

  1. Step 01 - Download and install the Magisk V0.16 latest Zip file into your device storage.
  2. Step 02 - Now reboot your device and recovery TWRP mode.
  3. Step 03 - Click the Install button on TWRP interface.
  4. Magisk Manager
  5. Step 04 - Now scroll down and click on the "Magisk-v16.0 zip" and tap on the install image button below.
  6. Magisk Manager
  7. Step 05 - Wait until the magisk zip file installs on your device.
  8. Magisk Manager
  9. Step 06 - Once this interface shows up, you have successfully flashed magisk on your device.
  10. Step 07 - Now reboot your device by pressing the ‘Reboot System’ button below.
  11. Magisk Manager
  12. Step 08 - Once your device is rebooted you will see Magisk is installed on your device.
  13. Magisk Manager

Now you are all set to use Magisk and feel free to enjoy magisk as you want!

Magisk Manager Download on Android and Magisk Manager Full Review

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. Can we Unroot any type of a Root with Magisk Manager?
  2. Yes, you can uninstall Magisk and at the same time you can completely remove root on your device by using Magisk Manager.

  3. Magisk Hide Do not work after I updated my Magisk Manager.
  4. Once you upgrade your Magisk version to the latest version, your Magisk Hide feature will be automatically disabled and you must enable it again from Magisk Manager once the update is 100% completed.

  5. How to Fix the Bugs in Magisk V12.0?
  6. If you having bugs in your current Magisk version you must update your version to latest Magisk V16.0 from your Magisk Manager and it will fix all those issues.

Safety Notes for Users

Android Root gives you so many advantages. But it also includes certain disadvantages as well.

So if you going to Root your Android you must consider these facts as well.

Developer's Credit

Magisk Manager was developed by "topjohnwu" one of the well-known developers of Xda developers and we would like to give all the copyrights on Magisk manager to him as he is the respective owner of this amazing Systemless Rooting Tool.